Sunday, July 01, 2007

July, July! - It’s concert time!

Oh immortal joy! (Image via The Stranger)

Summer has unofficially been a month old so I figured it would be time to check out the myriad of concerts that will be held in NYC over the next two months and change. Last year’s list of concerts was disappointing in that I was a terrible 1-for-23 (parts one and two). This summer I will be far less ambitious mainly since I will be super busy working on the seemingly never-ending thesis as well as U.N. research. Yet with so many free concerts in the area it’s hard to resist passing up on them, though it hurts to have missed Rodrigo y Gabriela earlier today.

Well, here goes nothing.

To quote what I wrote in The Latin Americanist:

“(The Latin Alternative Music Conference) will host a concert in Central Park with well-known band Café Tacuba. The Mexican quartet will top what should be a killer concert with local act Pacha Massive and Boricua singer La Sista.”

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.


I briefly discussed my adoration for Ms. Case’s music in this post, but the timing of this concert could not have been better for me since it’s Colombian Independence Day. Perhaps it may be more appropriate winging it to Jackson Heights for some bandeja paisa but I shan’t miss the chance to listen to Neko’s precious melodies under the stars. (Perfect for a date, no?)

This is the only concert on the list that is not free yet I am more than willing to shell out $30-35 to see Señor Vasconcellos. I praised him before and I’m trilled at the chance to hopefully see him live.

This is a ridiculously difficult choice to make. On the one hand there will be some fabulous and funky Latin music playing in the West Village. (Plus the chance to possibly meet José Conde whose music I'm giving away).

On the other hand, there’ll be the prime chance to catch the addictively unique tunes of the B-52s along with Venegas and some of her crew.

Choices, choices, choices!

I’ve always wanted to see ARS in concert in order to figure out if their live stuff deviates too much from their recorded tunes. This concert will be the best way to find out (assuming I’m not wiped out from the previous night).

In this The Latin Americanist post I embedded a YouTube vid of the incomparable Hector Lavoe. He was a giant amongst men and thankfully his music continues to be popular.

The tricky part will be if my motorized wheelchair be able to go on one of the ferries to Governor’s Island and if the terrain there isn’t too difficult for the wheelchair. Otherwise I’ve enjoyed Si*Se especially since I saw them at S.O.B.s a few years ago; thus, I would be thrilled to make it.

The lone concert I went to last summer was the unforgettable time seeing Los Amigos Invisibles at El Museo, principally since they played despite being delayed two hours by a torrential downpour. It was the only time I danced alone in the street at 10pm and one of the rare times I was happy that the Access-A-Ride arrived so far behind schedule.

Could lightning strike twice? Hopefully not in the literal sense!

If I’m not too tired from the previous evening's shindig at El Museo, then I’ll make my way downtown to catch Scottish twee pop near the East River. (I wonder if there are cheap pubs nearby or is it all just T.G.I. McFunsters?)

Nine concerts. Nine options for fun. I’ll try to attend at least 3-4 of them. It would be very nice.

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