Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Moving on

Uncle Javy's funeral was Wednesday morning in La Palma, Colombia. my family here in NYC could not make it to the ceremony, though we talked to our aunts tonight and they said that everything was solemn and peaceful. Grandma wept a lot but in a quiet and very dignified manner. Just about the entire town of a no more than a few thousand people packed the church. It was the town's version of a state funeral for someone beloved, respected, and admired by all.

Wednesday was difficult not only in that I wasn't over there but I was home alone with my thoughts and nobody to talk too. Though I did chat briefly with a few friends it was only a small relief compared to my bros and mom being by my side. I did got some work done thankfully, but the solitude was overbearing and I waffled a lot with my work.

Despite being moping and depression today I have resolved to break out of funk starting tomorrow. I have far too many things to get done for me to be listless. Much like when dad passed away I need to move on and try to serve as an example for the rest of my family. (For example, I'll try to call grandma over the weekend and try to give her a boost so she can feel better).

For now I'm in something of a transitional phase where I ponder over the lessons one can learn from such a tragedy. Even though my cardiologist told me on Tuesday that my cardio system is in tip-top shape, I must keep in mind to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, one should not take friends and family for granted; they are to be appreciated and enjoyed. (Which is why I'm going to send a bunch of e-mail greetings tomorrow to some acquaintances I haven't heard from in ages). Finally, one should take advantage of every day and exploit it for what it's worth.

Off to bed and early to rise. Tomorrow is a new day and I must be ready for it.

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