Friday, February 05, 2010

Taking the plunge

After many weeks of indecision and doubt I finally did what I had to do:

I'm now on Facebook.

I'm still somewhat nervous on joining the renown social network; I worry about how much privacy I'm willing to let go in order to communicate with others. On the other hand, being on Facebook will hopefully help me reconnect with lost friends as well as stay in touch with family abroad. I sincerely hope that the pluses far outweigh the minuses and that this can be the start of a very beneficial step for me.

Here we go!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Friendship Reclamation Project

On Saturday I returned from a must-needed family trip to Colombia. I
won't get into too much detail know but there has been one thing
that's been on my mind since last week

On the 2nd I had what was for the most part a great dream. I dreamt
that I coincidentally met a certain someone online and we consequently
expressed our mutual desire. She insisted in sending me special
correspondence via snail mail (in retrospect I have no clue why). When
that mail arrived it wad in reality gibberish and I realized that
somebody perpetrated an ugly hoax on me. From there I awoke from my
nightmare but not before realizing that for far too long I had been
inexcusably excluding myself from my friends. I came to the conclusion
that I needed to regain their fraternity and loyalty. Hence the
genesis of what I've deemed the Friendship Reclamation Project.

The Friendship Reclamation Project is very simple: a concerted
effort to show goodwill, loyalty, and trust to my acquaintances. I
don't want to lose them and irreparably hurt my life.

The future is now and I must make the most of it ASAP.