Friday, June 01, 2007

Joe Vasconcellos

The past three days have been the toughest I've had to put up with in quite a while in terms of the stakes involved and the high chance of failure. Yet somehow I pulled through and (obviously) I'm quite relieved by that.

Tomorrow I'll write in more detail about the past week.

Earlier today I was browsing through a few music websites in preparation for this Sunday's post on summer concerts. Fortunately I found Chilean musician Joe Vasconcellos' site and was pleasantly surprised to notice that he will be in NYC this July! Even better will be that it will be near my home at the Queens Theatre of the Arts. Joy!

Vasconcellos' music is absolutely fantastic and varied. He can jump between different genres from rock ("Sed de Gol") to salsa ("Quieto") to a more folkloric sounds like in this music video for "Hijo Del sol Luminoso":

I get goose bumps just listening to it. Extraordinary stuff!

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