Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"What the fuck is a 'gastropub'?!"

I am not a foodie nor a gourmand by any stretch of the imagination. Given I have an unhealthy loathing towards the hellish triumvirate of McDonald's/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut as well as overpriced joints where ambiance is given more importance than the food being served. And yes, my favorite meals (which one day I'll discuss in more detail) have been in locations where exceptional food is served at a fair price. I'm picky and selective but far from being a food nerd.

Still, I have to admit that I follow chef Anthony Bourdain's every footsteps. (Figuratively, obvs). Why? It's not because of this brash, "bad boy" persona some see him as. But it's his insight into food, cooking, and culture that makes him so appealing. Though I miss his original A Chef's Tour on Food Network (i.e. just about the only reason to watch that channel) I thoroughly enjoy No Reservations on the Travel Channel. (Let's just say that two of my favorite days this summer have been all-day marathons of No Reservations and Reno 911!).

One of his credos is that eating should ideally be an experience, not a chore or something to be treated so flippantly. Eating a meal- whether it be at home with family, in a restaurant with friends, or even alone from a street vendor- ought to be an event; something tangible that can satisfy all the senses. Practically speaking it may be difficult at times, as I learned when living alone in Miami when I had the tendency to consume my meals during quick breaks between classes or meetings. But whenever possible eating should reach and hopefully attain its ideal status.

With that said, I really liked this video clip I found of a book reading by Bourdain last year. The excerpt seems apt as to what I'm trying to say:

A quick update: my very ill uncle has been recuperating very gradually but without further complications. He remains in a very sensitive state, but it certainly seems like he'll continue recovering. Thankfully.

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