Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Sometimes I just don't know"

Bloody hell, I hate oversleeping.

Mom went out today to do run some errands in downtown Flushing. In a surprising move, she returned with a few small gifts for one of my bros who will be starting his first full-time job on Monday. We're all very proud that he's reached such a momentous and deserved occasion in his life. Now he'll enter the grind of busting his back at his occupation and hopefully it'll work out.

She also got some Colombian food from Jackson Heights which we devoured like Amazonian piranhas. Rotisserie chicken, beans, rice, fried plantain, and to top it off she stopped by Carvel to get an ice cream cake for dessert. Real good stuff.

Mom's on the phone now with one of my aunts in Colombia. I'm eager to find out how everyone's doing, especially grandma. I really hope she doesn't lose it though I understand if that happens to be the case.

So far I've yet to write to any long lost acquaintances/friends/colleagues. I better get crackin' on that tonight.

Though I don't regret the decision to miss the Joe Vasconcellos' gig last night, I've spent some time checking out concert footage of his on YouTube. Yes it would've been nice to go, but like the rest of the family I must pay my proper respects to Uncle Javy's death. He was one of the kindest, gentlest souls I've ever known and we all miss him very much.

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