Saturday, July 21, 2007

The infamous "panty raid"

I was about to type up a verbose, dull post before changing my mind.


I found my favorite scene of all time from RENO 911!:

It also is the scene that Kerry-Kenney Silver confessed to being the one her son would be the most moritifed to watch when he gets older:

QS: What would you choose if you were to pick out one moment from The State or Viva Variety or Reno that you absolutely don’t want him to see until you can actually put it in context and try to alleviate the pain for him?

KENNEY-SILVER: Oh, that’s completely easy. Me butt naked, nine months pregnant, on Reno 911 this last season. Tom, Ben, Cedric, and Carlos come busting in and do a panty raid in the women’s locker room hoping to find Clemmy in her panties and bra, and what they find is me nine months pregnant, naked, with a shower cap on dancing with a towel. If my son ever sees that, he’s either gonna love me more or we’ll never hear from him again.

QS: What is the context that you would deliver on that?

KENNEY-SILVER: You mean to tell him?

QS: Yes. When he comes to you, sort of shivering…

KENNEY-SILVER: “You need to sit down. I think you need to sit down.” And then from there, I would just say, “You know what? You remember that nice house you grew up in and those great fancy shoes you always wore? Well, that’s how we paid for them.”

QS: Do you think they’ll ever erase the picture from his mind?

KENNEY-SILVER: No. Dear God no. To quote Ben in the actual piece, “There are some things you can’t un-see.”

QS: Of course, it’s even more awkward if he has a friend show it to him…

KENNEY-SILVER: It’s going to be ugly. I think we need to sit him down and show it to him before he can get the ugly truth in school.

QS: Sort of like when you temper an egg when cooking…


Dammit how I adore that show!

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