Friday, July 27, 2007

Adios Joe, I got to get back to work

I had planned for weeks to go see Joe Vasconcellos tonight at the Queens Theatre in the Park. I had really looked forward to enjoying his eclectic Chilean folk and rock stylings in a live venue. Yet it was not to be since I'm paying respects to Uncle Javy who died on Monday. I could not in good conscience go to a concert mere days after his passing and keeping in mind that my entire family is very sad and upset about his death.

Maybe next year I'll see Joe in concert so as long as the circumstances are right.

In the meantime, I will respectfully mourn the memory of Uncle Javy and hope that my family can slowly but surely move forward. I am certain that they can though my biggest fear is that my grandmother will not. Though she has always had a very strong attitude, she is in her 90s and is getting increasingly weak physically. A few hours ago we spoke on the phone for the first time in weeks and I could tell in her voice that she feels very frail and vulnerable. She and Javy were very close and it's hard to imagine how things will be like for her now that he's gone. I hate to have this anxiety in my mind; a worry that is shared by most of the family. It's an uncertain situation and only time will tell how she will react to it in the (hopefully) long run.

Selfishly speaking I must take advantage of the weekend to resume some work that I left behind over the past week. My UN work has gone untouched and I need to contact my supervisor ASAP. I've been in something of a writer's rut regarding the thesis work though I hope to get the ball rolling again on that quickly.

Crap, I forgot to send the e-mails to long lost friends and acquaintances. There's another thing I have to do on the weekend.

I wonder if she still remembers me?

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