Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Century Mark

Just for the heck of it - Sun in an Empty Room by Edward Hopper (image via WebMuseum)

It's taken approximately one-and-a-quarter years, but I finally did it.

100 posts!

Mind you, I'm not happy that it's taken me so long to arrive at this point. Hell, if I had been more responsible with this blog I would have at least 200 entries. Still, as I look back at the posts I've written that ranged over several different topics. This was my primary aim in creating this blog; finding an outlet for the many distinct thoughts trapped in my mind. That's why I named this blog after a dish with several different ingredients that fuse together to create a unique flavor. In that sense, I can be very proud of this blog and hope that the next hundred posts can be of good quality, if not better.

I decided to choose 5 posts that I feel are representative of the spirit of this blog as well as the personal satisfaction I feel from writing them.

1 - Only Shadows: The first post I ever wrote. Though the notion of creating a blog had been brewing in my mind for many months before that, I wasn't confident enough to go through with that. I felt like I lacked a spark that would serve as the catalyst for this blog. The half-year anniversary of my dad's death was the apt time to start.

2 - Random Thoughts While Drunk
: In the days after publishing this post I had many doubts about doing so and even contemplated deleting it. But in my inebriated state I briefly eschewed the usual second thoughts that hinder me. Hence, this post is most likely one of the most honest, sin tapujos things I've ever written.

3 - "Dear Sexy Knickers...": The aftermath of the previous post, only sobered up. More importantly, I've learned to laugh at myself; at my foibles and errors with the opposite sex, to be exact. I used to take my problems with women far too seriously even to the degree where I questioned my own sexual preferences! Nowadays, I prefer to take my mistakes in stride and with a smile.

4 - Lo que Aprendi: I love this post because it was the only one I wrote while I was in Colombia over the winter break, and it shows my appreciation in understanding a culture so distinct to what I'm accustomed to. No matter how much you read and research the place you're heading to, nothing compares to actually being there. Who knows when I'll return there but I eagerly await that time.

5 - Luck is...: Rather than writing long posts every 2-3 weeks like I used to, I've been compelled lately to publish at least one post per day regardless of its length. Hence, most of my recent posts have been little more than a paragraph with either a YouTube video or a music file. Yet this post returned somewhat to the old form by describing a list of 10 fortunate things that occured to me. 9 of them actually happened in the span of 72 hours during that weekend. (No, I won't say which item did happen to me several months previous).

It was very difficult to pick only 5 posts of the previous 99, but there they are. It's what Huevos Pericos is all about, and hopefully will continue to be.

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