Sunday, May 13, 2007

Luck is...

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...ordering Italian food from the local pizzeria and accidentally receiving an extra free pie.

...missing the bus when you're running late only to have the next one show up 30 seconds later, not the usual 15 minutes.

...finding enough spare change to pay the bus fare since you can't find your Metrocard in your wallet.

...discovering that your best "friend" has nearly identical musical tastes.

...having friends that you haven't seen in over 3 years greet you by saying "You look so professional" and "You look so thin and healthy".

...seeing an old flame in the street by chance and exchanging phone numbers.

...listening to a song you haven't heard in nearly a decade and still getting goose bumps from its melody.

...feeling bummed out, then laughing your ass off for nearly a half-hour.

...remembering how at the age of ten you insulted a current presidential hopeful by telling him that you would vote for his opponent if you were old enough to.

...surviving yet another day without going crazy-go-nuts.

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