Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tidbits: Feliz Cumple, Tia Julia!

Just because - a personal photo of a squirrel on the ramp leading to the apartment building where I live

I just finished having an argument over when is the proper time to phone call someone on the day of their birthday. Ideally, it's best to be one of the first to contact the person who is celebrating his/her birthday on that day. But if that doesn't happen is it proper to contact that person at night or early the next day or should one not bother at all? That was the crux of the quarrel and it's friggin' driving me insane!

(For the record, I argue that it's better to send birthday wishes than not at all).

Ugh. On to the rest of the tidbits.

* Want to learn how to speak en español via podcasts? Metafilter to the rescue!

* Well I'll be damned - Bambi Woods resurfaced for an interview and admitted to never having been a cheerleader in her life. (Hat tip:

* I doubt I could work this into my speech for Wednesday, but I've been really following Bertie Ahern's victory (albeit not without its difficulties) in the Irish general election.

* Mental note: must take a trip (perhaps with Mandi if she visits) to the Water Taxi Beach.

* Learning something new through Wikipedia - the differences in boxing weight classes.

* Juan Pablo Angel: savior.

* Lastly, here's a few tunes I've been listening to that have helped me cope with my speech writer's block as well as calming me from inane quarrels:

Replacements - I'll Be You

Mundialmente - Via Londrina

Stereo Total - Nationale 7

Soda Stereo - Estoy Azulado

(Please note that all MP3 files are only available for a week after each post is published and are meant for temporary enjoyment. Download at your own risk!)

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