Friday, March 10, 2006

Only Shadows

“Birth, School, Work, Death”

I remember watching the music video to this song by The Godfathers on VH1 Classic in early December. Catchy little number with okay lyrics, but it was the title that really caught my attention. Is this really life? Four simple words. A mere bullet point that defines our lives. I though about it for a little while, but forgot soon after when “Here Comes Your Man” came on.

Two days ago I remembered that song again as I was commuting to Manhattan. Those words were decals on the rear window of a truck. It jolted me out of my early morning daze and the same questions I had while watching “The Alternative” returned to me.

And then it hit me.

September 10, 2005: the night my dad passed away.

Yes it could be possible to divide his life into four parts, but in my eyes his life was far too rich to simplify. His was a plethora of adventures, experiences, trials, and tribulations. He never embodied any one or two specific qualities, and he endured through so many emotions. There were times when he could be one’s best friend in the whole world, times when he was ruthless and masochistic, and times in between. Yet no matter what we pulled through with him. We never stopped respecting one another.

Now its six months later.

Many things have gone on since then, and along with my mom and brothers we’ve done a decent job trying to move forward step-by-step. The pain still persists, yet so do our dreams and goals. Life isn’t short so let’s run the best damn marathon we can.

Just like he did.

Te quiero viejo.

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