Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"You are a boobie"

Rather than ramble about what's been on my mind I will save some time and space via the magic of the bullet point list:
  • My right tricep is still in pain though I've been able to type more easily than yesterday.
  • I'm quite nervous since I have to flush my stomach out tomorrow with a number of powders, pills, and the like. (It has to be done due to a delicate medical exam on Thursday).
  • Speaking of Thursday, due to the exam I won't be able to head out to the "Tribute to Hector Lavoe" concert that night. Hence, my summer concert list will be a disappointing 0-for-6.
  • Dammit I still haven't written to any long lost acquaintances/friends/colleagues!
  • Compared to last week my agenda is relatively empty; it is a sea of white except fora few small entries.
  • Crap, I think C.'s birthday is coming up soon. I better find out poste haste and send her a card!
  • Lastly, I recently discovered several excellent UPA cartoons from the pre-Mr. Magoo days in the 1950s. This is one of them based on a very short story by James Thurber (video link):

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