Friday, August 10, 2007

The filled entry

I suppose one can call it good fortune.

Yesterday I included a photo of my agenda for this week and included the following quote:

“(Note that there are zero entries under Sunday (lower right hand corner) but that should probably change within the next 24 hours).”

It was a guess, but it ended up being a prophetic assumption.

The next morning I received an e-mail from the Jackie Robinson Foundation. It was invite to attend a Brooklyn Cyclones game that will honor the memory of the late baseball player and civil rights activist.

Hence, I will most likely go out this week after a smattering of cancellations:

  • Tuesday – Scheduled to go to the Apple Store in midtown with one of my brothers to get his laptop fixed. I cancelled since he had to go to a last-sec appointment.
  • Wednesday – Scheduled to attend an evening reception. I cancelled due to the god awful weather.
  • Thursday - Scheduled to either go to the B-52s concert or the one at Pier 54 as I had planned in July. Missed both due to continued weather problems.
  • Friday – Rescheduled outing to the Apple Store. Cancelled since mom was way too tired to go out. (Therefore, I won’t complain).
  • Saturday – Scheduled to run errands at the Colombian Consulate. Cancelled due to insufficient documentation.

0-for-5. This is why I’ll probably head out on Sunday. Enjoy the weather, a good game, and socialize with plenty of people I haven’t seen in years. If not then that’s okay, too. Next week will be another busy one so I could probably use the rest.

Either way, it’s odd how things can change prophetically in the span of a few hours.

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