Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quick thoughts on tonight’s Beckham (oops, I mean Galaxy) v. RBNY match

(Image of an overly jubilant Juan Pablo Angel via Metrofanatic.)

* Dammit, this was the type of match that Samuel Jacobo should’ve called on Fox Sports en Español.

* Jozy


He is the king of New Jersey!

* Here’s a thought: more Jozy-cam, less Beckham-cam.

* The Galaxy have only won three of fifteen games this season but did not play like it tonight.

* Come back Dema!

* This game confirms that Waterreus ought to be Jon Conway’s backup in goal.

* My favorite ESC moment – when some of them put their fingers over their lips as a gesture towards the Beckham groupies after Jozy’s second goal.

* Thanks Edson Buddle for showing what you couldn’t do during your time with the Bulls – score a goal. Imbecile.

* Becks played a pretty solid game (three assists) despite going scoreless. He fully deserved the cheers from Metro faithful and groupies alike at the end of the match.

* Let’s see how much Kornheiser will pooh-pooh over the match on “Pardon the Interruption” Monday.

* Nearly 70,000 packed Giants Stadium to see the game. Let’s hope that at least one-third of that attendance can be at the final regular season home game on September 1st.

* I don’t think it’s a good sign when lines of fans leave the stadium shortly after JuanPa’s game winner two minutes from time.

* I cannot wait to check out the headlines out of Colombia praising JuanPa for his stellar effort tonight!

* Jeez I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall in Alexi Lalas’ room while he was watching his new “superteam” lose.

* Good news: WNBC started their sports report on the news with the soccer game. Bad news: too much focus on Becks. (They didn’t even show Jozy’s two goals!)

* More coverage of the goals and the game by WABC’s newscast, but to say that Angel was “outplayed by the star of the night” Beckham? What?!

* All bitching aside, I missed going to the Si*Se concert at Governor’s Island to watch this match. Mercifully the game was undoubtedly worth the hype and watching it!

* And now the true test of fire – a must win at DC on Wednesday.

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