Friday, August 03, 2007

Not-so-random thoughts while shopping at Costco’s

* How can there be this many cars in the parking lot over an hour before the store opens?* Come to Costco’s! Located in the middle-of-nowhere part of Long Island City right next to Socrates Sculpture Park. (An underrated attraction).

* I’m guessing this would beat having a Wal-Mart in the area.

* I prefer to be slightly off my rocker without stimulants like, say, 32 cans of sugar-free Red Bull. (On sale today!)

* I wonder how many Manhattanites make the trek to this store.

* My fromage dream come true – a three-pound wheel of Gouda!

* There’s nothing more fun than racing my motorized wheelchair down an empty aisle.

* Even in Costco’s you can find the latest Harry Potter tome.

* I can’t believe I just spent ten minutes debating whether to buy the name-brand or store-brand detergents that are the same size and price.

* Dammit where are the free samples of greasy high-sodium delights! At least I can make do with this free coffee:

* Even the workers call the place Cotsco’s aside from two out of every three customers.

* The lone redeeming quality of Costco’s food court – frozen yogurt. (Unlike, say, the pizza):* When all is said and done it’s worth buying about six months worth of groceries at one place (even if it costs us quite a pretty penny and can feed an army platoon).

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