Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Soda Stereo returns!

Why have I not blogged lately? A few reasons:
  1. I was busy playing catch-up with my thesis work.
  2. I received good news from my former supervisor at the U.N. which forced me to revisit the work I did for them that I finished last year.
  3. Bills, bills, bills!
  4. I did not want to talk about last week until I uploaded a few pics I took. (Maybe tomorrow, ha ha ha!)
So what was the impetus that made me blog today? Soda Stereo reunites!!! Well, it's not official yet, but like I wrote earlier today in The Latin Americanist:

"According to Argentine news agency Télam, legendary rock en español group Soda Stereo will get back together after being split up for a decade. The article goes on to note that they will perform in comeback tour visiting several Latin American nations including their home country of Argentina."


When I first read about I nearly fell out of my seat with a coronary. I sure as hell hope it is for real and that they perform in the NYC area.

Criminy, I get goose bumps just thinking about the remote possibility of maybe seeing something like this live and on stage:

The excitement is too much to bear!

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