Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh Captain?

Though at times I act like a music snob around my friends and family I confess that deep down I'm really not. I can never be as knowledgeable in music as Stereogum or Chromewaves. It ain't gonna happen. Nope. No way.

Which is why I got on the subject of guilty pleasures after "talking" via e-mail with Venegas. I don't exactly remember how we got onto the subject, but I mentioned several of my "guilty pleasures" that include:
  • Spice Girls
  • "Abracadabra" by Steve Miller
  • Bananarama
  • Spandau Ballet's "True"
  • America

However, there's one group which belongs on that list but is far from cringeworthy - Double. I can't explain exactly why, but I really enjoy listen to Double. Maybe it's the smooth jazz undertones to their songs. Perhaps it's the slightly-accented vocals of Kurt Maloo. Could it be the cheezy synth beat that accompanied their most popular songs?

I just don't know.

One thing's for sure; I can listen to "The Captain of Her Heart" all friggin' day:

I have to admit, though, this is a little too odd for my (flawed?) tastes in music:

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