Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Little Bit Off the Top

I'll be brief in tonight's post since I'm tired for numerous reasons. (One of them being trying to find the *%&$$ cord to transfer pics from my digital camera to my laptop.)

Yet earlier tonight I was peeved while watching classic MGM cartoons on Boomerang. The final animated short- Tex Avery's "Magical Maestro". I was upset by their removing a few elements of the cartoon due to sensitivity.

Sometimes I agree with certain instances that may be understood as insensitive, prejudiced, etc. (e.g. I was peeved at Don Imus' remarks against the Rutgers basketball team though I found it more insulting towards women than blacks). Yet there are occasions when political correctness goes to far; I hate the term "handicapable." Blech!

After watching the cartoon, I decided to see if I could find an uncensored version online and I did via YouTube:

I don't understand why Boomerang would show some edited version of "Magical Maestro." If it's too objectionable then don't show it. Place it on Cartoon Network's list of banned cartoons. Otherwise show the cartoon uncensored sans edits.

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