Sunday, April 01, 2007

Quick thoughts on the fifth season of "Reno 911!"

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T-Minus 25 minutes until debut:

  1. I wonder if Wiegel will give any hints at who's the father of her not-yet-born child? (My money's on one of the Reno firemen. It makes little sense, but I figure it could be a dark horse compared to some more obvious choices).
  2. I'm really hoping Maria Bamford's given a role on the show since that would complete the "Comedians of Comedy" exacta. Perhaps as a "friend" of Deputy Kimball, hmmmm?
  3. "And the installation is freeeee!" (I have no idea why that just popped into my mind).
  4. "Reno 911!" ought to be a lead-in for "Halfway Home", not riding on the coattails of Ned the joke-stealing shmuck.
  5. For some unknown reason I am worried that this will be "Reno's" last season. I have no idea why.
  6. Not to give too much away but I can't wait to see the episode where Dangle's ex-wife returns.
It's been about half a year since the last season ended. I can't wait for the new season to start!

11:05pm: After watching the season debut the following thoughts came to mind:
  1. In the scene before the opening credits did anybody else notice that the ad on the side of the bus was for High Sierra Carpeting? (See comment#3 above).
  2. Of the Hotty's girls I found the redhead to be most attractive.
  3. Best of luck to Reina and the KKK guy. (Hell, if they can make it then anyone can!)
  4. Trudy Wiegel + pink and white uni = delicious!
  5. Speaking of Wiegel, the biggest belly laugh of the night for me was when she squeezed her right boob when trying to get Joe's attention.
  6. Too bad there was no Police-Tek advert in this episode.
I can't wait until next Sunday's episode when Clemmy gets baptized. High-larious!

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