Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo – Red Bull New York vs. Houston

I’ll make this quick since my arms are tired from typing as well as from clapping during tonight’s match.


+ Jozy! Jozy! Jozy! Strength, speed, and confidence. It’s hard not to become presumptuous, but can you imagine what he could do in a few years’ time for the senior men’s national team?

+ Sometimes minimalism is best, and the Virginia Tech insignia on RBNY’s jerseys spoke volumes.

+ Off-topic: Lionel Messi. Supergenious.

(Hat tip: Who Ate All the Pies?)


- Poor officiating tonight for the most part. The penalty against DeRosario was correct, but the ref missed several hard tackles against Jozy, was too harsh on giving Cletus the red card, and even missed a penalty call against RBNY with ~15-20 minutes to go.

- Cletus’ penalty miss. Tried to be slick (I guess) and it ended in an easy save for Garlick.


! Jozy’s unsportsmanlike celebration in front of the visiting Houston fans. Careful man, karma can be a bitch.

p.s. I’ll discuss RBNY’s signing of Juan Pablo Angel and the shipping of Marvel Wynne north of the border at a later time. Maybe. Perhaps. Possibly.

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