Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Linkage dump

Over the past year I’ve collected dozens of links on different subjects that for one reason or another I’ve never posted. Rather than let them continue to collect dust, I will list some of them below. Enjoy!
  • The New York Times review of a restaurant called BarBossa near the Puck Building. There was a small job fair a few weeks ago and I was trying to find out if my dear friend Venegas would accompany me. Not because I wanted to drag someone with me during a job fair, but instead to take her out to eat at BarBossa. Alas, she declined since she said she was super busy job hunting and getting personal things settled. Another day, maybe?
  • Speaking of job fairs, I went to one about a month ago near Penn Station with my bros. I got several great contacts but more importantly they made a killing with many prospective employers. That will make job hunting for them so much easier and I’m glad for them.
  • All I know is that I copied these three links with this notation: “Metroshits fucking it up more and more.” Bad grammar aside, I’m more peeved at their administration than the Thomas/Dolan wrecking ball with the Knicks.
  • I really don’t understand the great need behind revamping Washington Square Park. Though I would like to see the fountain raised to ground level I disagree with spending millions of dollars on the other modifications.
  • There are many things that I have to take advantage of before I finally bid adieu to NYU; discounted film vouchers are one of them.
  • I have a funny feeling that I may have already linked to this before: “The Top 136 Albums or So of the Nineties.” I will discuss this list more thoroughly though I will say this- #1 is absolutely right and I’m surprised Bossanova didn’t crack the list.
  • I wrote a while ago that VivirLatino is one of my favorite blogs and this post is one of the reasons why.
  • Lastly, I adore satire and this article from The Onion pretty much sums it up.

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