Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Workout and haggle

I'm trying my best not to be a mopey pessimist today but it's a little difficult.

I haven't been feeling well lately on account that several small things have ganged up on my such as my bursitis and my delicate stomach. I have P.T. which should help my aching shoulders. But I'm also stressed (what else is new!) but over an appointment I have in a few hours at the local Medicaid office.

(Why such a mess with Medicaid? In short, they want to force me to choose between my Access-A-Ride and my health insurance despite my winning a fair hearing decision in the Spring. There are more details though suffice it to say they are being absolutely unfair and I'm going to fight their red tape and incompetence).

Yes ladies and jellyspoons, I'm not at my best right now. Then again, things change and who knows if by the end of the day fortune will shine my way.

Update: Yes, fortune did smile down on me in the sense that P.T. helped reduce some of the aches in my shoulders and my stomach was able to relax. More importantly, the visit to the Medicaid office went without a hitch except for one or two minor misunderstandings and some well-played passive-aggressiveness on my part.

Now I can get some good night's rest (or more specifically, as much as I can before walking up a little dazed at dawn)!

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