Friday, July 25, 2008

Patriotism or poor taste in Peru?

Lady Godiva eat your heart out:

Leysi Suarez, a Peruvian showgirl and dancer for Alma Bella band made international headlines when a naked picture of her on top of the Peruvian flag was published on the cover of a magazine…

While she initially affirmed there was nothing wrong with what she had done and stated she would do it again saying she loved Peru and would show it with her "body and soul", she has changed her mind and retracted her statements.
After Peru's Minister of Defense, Antero Flores-Araoz assigned the case to a public prosecutor and announced that charges would be pressed against Leysi, the Peruvian dancer has stated she is truly sorry.

BBC News covered the scandal surrounding Suarez’ snapshots in this video including interviewing the magazine’s editor who defended his decision.

The more intriguing video is the following were Peruvians on the street are asked which is more “offensive” – Suarez or a pair of “corrupt” legislators. (My favorite reply is about 1:30 in where a gentleman explains that “the lady isn’t offensive but her intentions are”).

Perhaps in 2011 Peruvians can enjoy the best of both worlds if former soccer cheerleader and TV presenter Shirley Cherres becomes congresswoman!

My p.o.v. - it is more than obvious that Suarez sought (and found) her 15 minutes of fame via the controversial photoshoot. (The term "attention whore" comes to mind, with all due respect to Suarez).

At the same time, Peru's government needs to focus on the bigger issues that need to be tackled such as an angry opposition, neighbor pains, and plummeting presidential popularity. Minister Flores-Araoz should zip it and stick to doing his job competently.

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