Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Earlier today my Internet connection went out as I was in the middle of doing some important work. After several hours of laying in the corner of the apartment curled in the fetal position and babbling incoherently I decided to try and type up a quasi-poem in the order of the alphabet. It’s a little nonsensical and it doesn’t strictly obey all the laws of English grammar. But it was good enough to kill over an hour today and keep me from going stir crazy:

As a wise man once proclaimed

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Caring words like those often make sense

During times of high esteem and confidence.

Exceptions must be taken into account, nevertheless

For those who aren’t feeling so pleased with the appearance.

Gestures mean more than words

However simple or minor they may seem.

It’s a lesson that at times can be overlooked

Just like so many things in our daily lives.

Kind and generous actions

Love, unselfishness just to name a few

Mean a great deal to those who receive them.

Now and again it may be possible that what we do

Often can provide a dual benefit

Pleasing ourselves and others.

Quick minds can usually ascertain

Reasons why we do what we do.

Still, actions are meaningless if those who receive it cannot appreciate it.

“To err is human;”

Usually that is the case.

Vexed as we may seem with human understanding

We hope that our gestures are not in vain.

“X” person did this or “x” person did that

Yet in the end we interpret things as they happen

Zipping along and living as best we can.

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