Monday, September 03, 2007

The bliss that is Guinness

Mercifully, I am in a much better mood than last night. For the time being I will stick to what I said though in better spirits than when I wrote last night’s entry.

Aside from my improved mood, very little can be said for today aside from the fact that I was a lazy bastard and sat in front of the TV all day. (“Reno 911” in the morning, “No Reservations” and Pedro’s return to the mound in the afternoon, and VH1 Classic at night).

I will say little else for tonight except to show this clip from the beginning of the episode of “No Reservations” on Ireland. It’s amazing what a pint of Guinness can do to bring people together (video link):

p.s. Hey! I just realized that yesterday’s post was my hundredth for the year! Hooray-ah for me (*in Strong Bad’s voice*)!

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