Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tidbits: On pins and needles

A view of the Queensboro Bridge, via this site

I am a wee bit nervous tonight on account that I’ve been a news junkie all day paying attention to Midterm Election coverage. I went out this morning with my mom to go vote at P.S. 219 and I felt fantastic doing so. Ever since I was a little kid I was very proud of voting rights in this country and it’s a great privilege to have. It was that pride in civic duty (as well as the strong possibility of bringing in a divided government to break up the Republican juggernaut) that compelled to go out and vote even though my body was killing me from having gone out on Monday.

Besides today’s election coverage I’ve been a little jittery over my dentist’s appointment Wednesday morning. The thought of needles, scrapers and other sharp devices being jabbed and prodded in my mouth does not bode me well. That’s a minor worry to have yet naturally I’m taking it too seriously. Oh well, I’ll probably be feeling better in about 12 hours from now so I better stop drowning in a glass of water.

On to the tidbits:

* So my roommate from DC in ’02 that visited New York did not bother to call me and figure out a time for us to meet. The weather during the weekend of October 28th was terrible but I had hoped to see him and his friends briefly. That was all for naught, unfortunately, but maybe there will be a chance next year. It’s too bad because I was hoping to take them to Lucky Cheng’s as well as the recently opened Automat-like place in the East Village. Perhaps I can indulge certain people in some fun and debauchery if they ever decide to visit NYC!

* Admittedly my undergrad alma mater has been involved in some recent events that can only be described as shameful and pathetic. Thankfully, FIU does produce smart, creative students as evidenced by performance artist and grad student Becky Flowers via her ingenuous blog. Thank you Becky!

* Metafilter is always great to read and that’s evidenced by these posts on pictures of the world’s subways and an analysis of Wikihelp. Another great read is Newyorkology who published a list of outstanding New York blogs several months ago.

* When does a political phrase turn from annoying to an absolute hackneyed cliché? Here’s a clue – government officials are relying on the term “stay the course”…in Canada.

* It was hilarious to hear goal calls set to the tune of old 80s hits, but it would’ve been sheer bliss to have heard him sing to the tune of Pimpinela during last Sunday’s Arsene Wenger-Alan Pardew spat.

* I would much rather eat a cardboard pizza box than Domino's latest godforsaken pizza creation.

* Unbelievable. If only the Queensboro Bridge would look this nice.

* My ego thanks US Soccer for “listening” to one of my previous posts and accepting an invitation to play in next year’s Copa America.

Good night and thank you.

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