Sunday, June 25, 2006

Last thought on the U.S.’s performance at the World Cup

In the aftermath of the USMNT’s elimination from the World Cup, I’ve had more time to think and reflect on the future of the team. The team and US Soccer in general need some sort of change. Hence, while Bruce Arena has had a successful tenure over the past 8 years it is high time for him to go. (I would love for him to be replaced by Klinsmann, but if that cannot be done then I hope he gets replaced by someone smart and willing to make a realtively good team better. Be it a foreigner unfamiliar with soccer in the U.S. or someone domestic). Keep developing youth via MLS and the lower divisions. Ship top MLS players abroad and have them hone their craft in more difficult leagues. (e.g. Landon Donovan). If it’s not too late, have the USMNT play in next year’s Copa America. The future is now, my friends. If we want to have a top squad for 2010 World Cup qualifiers we need to prepare ourselves now.

I don’t want to say any more on this year’s early exit except to defer to the following links via MetroFanatic and OneLouderNYC.

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