Saturday, April 22, 2006

Live blogging: Red Bulls v. DC

4.05- Good afternoon sports fans! Even though my arms are about to fall out of their respective sockets from typing my thesis, I'm going to live blog today's MLS game between the home team Red Bulls (a.k.a. "us" or "we") against the visitors from DC (a.k.a. "them" or whatever expletive comes to mind). The season's been three games long and we've only gotten three ties, including two from blown leads such as the season opener at DC. Earlier this week, our GM defected to LA and the team's in flux. The weather is dreary and chilly; hopefully this will not be an omen for us. Ok, the whistle's blown so let's hope for the best (i.e. not a loss or another blown draw).

4.09- Just showed coach Mo Johnston on TV. I really hope the higher-ups keep him as coach as he's done a decent job. Sure they could bring in Donadoni or Meekens, but Johnston's good at rallying the boys and at strategizing. (Okay, that sounded odd. Just trust me, Mo's fine for the job).

4.10- Wow, just found out that we got Peguero (Haitian international) in a trade last night. Fuck, I ought to read the boards at more often.

4.15- Easy save by Big Fat Tony off Eskandarian. So far little chances by either side. Kinda dull, but it's only the 9th minute.

4.17- Defensive miscue almost cost us as
Big Fat Tony comes up with a big save. Big Fat Tony's was critical in helping us shutout New England two weeks ago and in avoiding a humilating loss last week at Real Salt Lake. We've yet to have a shot on goal.

4.20- Foul on Eskandarian. Ensuing free kick no a problem for Big Fat Tony (herafter referred to as BFT). Though I ode DC, it's nice to see Eskandarian back for them. He's a great young play who's a solid asset for the national squad. Dare I say he's a better young talent than Adu?

4.25- We finally have a solid chance on goal, but they clear it away. 19th minute; no score. Great shot of the Empire Soccer Club supporting our boys.

4.28- Nice chance on an outlet pass to Henderson but thier goalie smothers it. Our offense has done very little. Djorkaeff and Guevera's done nothing so far.

4.31- Silly point, but I don't like the side piping on either of the team's jerseys. Yeah Adidas is the new jersey sponsor for MLS, but they don't have to put lines all over the friggin' place on the unis.

4.38- 31st minute and still scoreless. DC has controlled play so far getting most of the offensive chances. They've had several shots on goal with only one or two dangerous chances. We're stifled by their defense and midfield. Have to be wary of fouling them too much. One of our boys has already been carded.

4.42- Buddle's down on the grass...err...I mean "FieldTurf". A little shaken, but not too bad.

4.44- "A pretty lousy game to be out of doors" says the announcer on ESPN. In more ways than one besides the weather.

4.47- 1-0 them in the 41st minute. Eskandarian scores off an AWFUL attempt by Wynne to clear the ball out of the penalty box, then celebrates by going to their bench to drink a can of Red Bull and spitting it out. Class act all the way. Meanwhile, we've had a non-exsistant offense, mediocre midfield and defense. I believe we've gone nearly 15 minutes without a shot on goal. Absolutely crappy way to head into halftime.

4.52- Halftime whistle blown. Magee just had a good opportunity snuffed out by their goalie diving in and covering the ball. Looks like he's really hurt his finger on that attempt, possibly dislocated. The perfect ending to a dull, listless, and bad first half for us.

5.07- Mo's job as coach is d-o-n-e unless he pulls off the greatest locker room speech of all time during the interval. The situation with Magee doesn't make things any better. We need to pick up the pace along the midfield (wake up Guevara!) and Djorkaeff needs to do more than foul DC players. Otherwise, I'm shocked Eskandarian's celebration did not earn him a yellow card or even a warning from the officals. Silly and unneccessary from a player of his caliber.

5.08- 2nd half begins with some discussion of
Eskandarian's celebration; called it a "Terrell Owens-like stunt." Asshole.

5.09- "Where is everybody!" First time I scream at the TV bemoaning Wynne being left on his own on an offensive chance.

5.13- Heated discussion at the BigSoccer boards- was
Eskandarian's celebration "unsportsmanlike" or "funny". The game itself continues to be boring as hell, though we've stepped up a bit on the attack.

5.21- Djorkaeff finally stops fouling others and gets fouled himslf about 22-24 yards away from goal. His shot hits the wall, however, so the misery continues as we head into a half-hour left in the game.

5.22- "Fuck, fuck, fuck" I yell at the television as
Eskandarian scores again. Purgatory, absolute purgatory.

5.26- After two out of three games where we blew leads and had to conform with ties, we're going to have to do the opposite in the reamining 28 minutes and comeback from a 2-goal defecit. This is turning into yet another looooooong season.

5.30- Changed the channel for a second to see the Rangers-Devils score. Rangers down 6-1 with less than 5 minutes to go. Great, just friggin' great.

5.34- BFT mistimes a 35-yard blast and now we're down 3-0. 22 minutes left and it isn't looking any better than before. So long Mo, nice to know you. This is going to be a very looooooong season.

5.38- "They're not playing up to their potential" says play-by-play commentator Eric Wynalda.
No offense, but no shit Sherlock.

5.44- Buddle gets carded shortly after
Eskandarian is substituted. Eskandarian is just interviewed about the infamous celebration and admits that they would've done it in the season opener but nobody on the bench had a can of Red Bull. I swear, the shit just doesn't stop.

5.50- Djorkaeff just scored in the 87th minute. Small solace.

5.51- They scored less than a minute after
Djorkaeff. Solace erased.

5.55- Game over. Absolutely awful and disgraceful effort. We shouldn't have bothered to show up, it was that bad. Definitely the worst game of the season. I can put up with losing, but not the horrible effort demonstrated on the field today. If anything positive can come about this, is a change in the coaching and front office. (The writing's on the wall for Mo; he's gone after today). The way things are going, however, it will be like a sign at the season opener at DC: "New name, same lame"

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