Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tidbits: I will never name my son “Niwre”

Taking over Thailand, one kick at a time

* Confirming the obvious.

* So much for winning the battle of hearts and minds in Iraq.

* It’s difficult to pick which documentaries I will go to view but for now I’m leaning towards “One Day In September”, “Señorita Extraviada”, and “Hillbrow Kids.”

* The second-best reason for me to keep matriculation at NYU- computer labs open at 6 in the morning! (Yes, I really am excited about this and, yes, I am pathetic).

* Yawn.

* Hey Mandi: I hear Rutgers is a great deal for the money in case you’re interested.

* I don’t care what you say but there’s nothing as heavenly as a well-mixed White Russian.

* It’s reassuring to know that the odds are in favor of the Red Bulls to clinch the final playoff spot, though knowing them they’ll find some way to mess up.

* When I’m in my mid-50s I would love to be as cool and calm as McCall from “The Equalizer.”

* Yes it is incredibly satisfying to win the first game, but things can change in an instant so one cannot be too overconfident.

* Would you believe me if I told you that I looked at the posters in order to check out the fonts? No? Dammit I’m not a good liar.

* After reading this I will refrain from making a snarky remark about getting a public school education.

* “Medibot!

* The second Food Network bumped off Anthony Bourdain while continuing to promote the bejeezus out of Rachael Ray was the moment I abandoned that channel forever.

* Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would have something in common with Barry Goldwater besides having the same number of letters in our first and last names.

* Lastly, rest in peace R.W. Apple Jr. ; I haven’t felt this sad over a columnist’s death since Mike Royko passed away.

(By the way, here's a hint regarding the title of this post).

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