Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hoping for a clean bill of health

Well, I a’m off to go see my doctor in about an hour. Though I try not to be too worried about my health I confess to feeling very nervous and uptight since I will find out the results of several procedures I took last week. (A two-and-a-half hour x-ray exam of my gastrointestinal tract and an MRI of my kidneys).

I am scared. I really am.

In the end I hope all goes well.

Update: Good news after visiting the doc. The MRI results showed that while I do have a small cyst on one of my kidneys it is not cancerous or anything that serious. The results of the GI x-rays have yet to come in though the doctor doubts anything major will turn up. Needless to say I'm relieved and much less jittery than before.

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