Monday, June 12, 2006

I’m nauseous, I’m nauseous, I’m nauseous, I’m nauseous…

I don’t wish to say much at this moment, (not that I’ve said a lot on this blog since its inception), except to mention that I’m a friggin’ nervous wreck. No not because of a job interview or an appointment with my cardiologist or anything remotely important.

My anxiety comes from the World Cup (WC). More specifically the tournament debut by the U.S. in less than two hours against the Czech Republic. More than that would be the hope of the U.S. winning the game.

As a fan of the “Yanks”, I’ve eagerly looked forward to this game since we were knocked out of the 2002 WC by Germany, and even more so since we qualified for this year’s WC in early September by beating our most hated rivals, Mexico, 2-0. The many months of anticipation and countless hype over the past few days have led to today’s game.

It is entirely conceivable that we lose all three group games since our group is so evenly matched. (For that matter, the opposite is true and we could end with a perfect record in group play). Either way, I’m trying not to keep my hopes to high since I don’t wish to have my spirits crushed.

Aside from being a huge fan of the US Men’ Soccer Team, there are two other reasons I really want them to win today:

1- To calm a lot of the anti-soccer sentiment in this country. While soccer is not the greatest game in the whole wide world it is not as bad a sport as some people make it seem. In other words, no more of the “real men play with their hands” or “soccer is for fags” comments please!

2- To calm a lot of anti-American sentiment expressed via the WC. Ladies and gentlemen of the global community, please understand that not all the people of the U.S. adore George W. Bush and the current administration. We are not all illiterate inbred hicks stuffing our faces with cheap, fried crap and weaning off the teat of American Idol or Fox News or the NFL. So enough of the “Americans don’t know shite about football” or “fuck Bush, fuck America” comments please!

With that said I’m off to finish watching the Australia v. Japan game (on Univision since they have better commentators than ESPN and I’m getting too nervous watching the countdown to the US game clock), make some phone calls, and continue to chew my nails to the cuticle as my nerves continue getting the best of me. Off to drink some Pepto; be back in a few fours, hopefully in a better mood.

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