Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Faith Moves Mountains

I’m not a very religious person and I at this time I’m in religion limbo trying to figure out where my spiritual beliefs lie. I can’t say I’m Catholic because I don’t exactly believe every word in the Bible and I have qualms over the Church’s interpretation of certain issues like homosexuality and sexual activity. I would never be a protestant because I feel that believing in saints has is not a bad distraction. I could never believe in Islam because I don’t take at face value the entire debate over shi’a vs. Sunni. Buddhism is out of the picture because I believe that greed need not be a bad quality if it is greed to help others or educate oneself, while atheism is not an option since I feel that there is some deity/system of deities that assist in the afterlife.

Yet just because I have yet to find the ideal religion does not mean that I am not spiritual or lack a set of morals. Prayer and meditation can be important in helping understand one’s faith as well as to reinforce one’s beliefs in that anything is possible when we each believe in our talents and use them to our advantage.

I said a brief prayer late last night for Scott and Desiree before going to bed. It was a brief moment where I emptied my mind and concentrated on calming myself down and hoping that they would pull through. I was thinking about their well-being and wishing for them to recover mentally and physically as best as possible. Yes the accident was underserved but it would be a more unjust fate if they were not to pull through.

Junior spoke with my earlier today and updated the situation. Dez is about to be moved to a superior hospital in manhattans that is better equipped to perform skin graft operations. She has recovered enough consciousness to carry brief, yet clear conversations with family. In less than a week she’s’ gone from the brink of death to being awake and aware. That brief set of news brightened my day and calmed my anxiety. Thus far she has recovered much better than the doctors initially diagnosed. I could not be more thrilled.

My mom has a saying that she utters often: “faith moves mountains.” That saying seems to be true based on the constant reflecting of the past few days. In the end faith and hope can allow anything to be accomplished, regardless of religion. With any luck Scott and Desiree will pull through. I know I’ll continue to hope for it.

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