Saturday, May 31, 2008

Five Alive: Janeane Garofalo's HBO Special

Whenever I'm at home during the mornings I sometimes watch the stand-up comedy hour on Comedy Central from 11 to noon. It's a nice way to get a good laugh during the day and it's a nice break after working over the previous 4 to 5 hours.

Last week I caught a Janeane Garofalo comedy special from 1997. It was interesting and I jotted a few notes down after it was done. Here are five of those points:

  1. What a difference 11 years makes with some items that are terribly dated. Case in point - quips on Jack Kemp and "who's your favorite Spice Girl?" (Janeane's answer: Sporty. I always had a small liking to Ginger).
  2. Still, some things aged rather well. The use of "Cannonball" as the show's intro song coincides well with The Breeders' return, and Jeneane still looks really nice as evidenced by the 2007 photo above.
  3. Her comedic anecdotes were solid, especially those that were non-political. For instance, she told about the time she saw a businessman getting hit by a taxi and, as painful as it sounded, I shared in her humor when retelling the incident and how even the cops laughed about it. Then again there were some stories she told that I unintentionally laughed at such as the concept of a holistic pet store.
  4. If excessive muffin eating means that you have an eating disorder (as she jokingly said) then I'm worse than your average bulemic.
  5. I can emphatize with her claim that telling someone that you like them is like "the kiss of death." (Mainly since that's happened to many a prospective relationship I've attempted). But being overly distant doesn't work either. Does it?
Oddly enough when the special was done and I was looking for paper to write on I couldn't find anything either big or clean enough. After rummaging through the trash I found a suitable writing surface in the form of an envelope that was used to send a free antacid sample. Mercifully, the paper did its job and I didn't need to pop any antacids after the show was done. It was a damn good special.

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