Friday, December 14, 2007

The genius of Oscar Niemeyer

I hate to post video clips two days in a row and I especially don't like to do memes. But I'm still feeling funky and ill (as in sick not cool). Hence, I'm going to play it easy for this post.

Earlier tonight as I was messing around on Wikipedia I found that famed Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer will celebrate his 100th birthday tomorrow. Since I just celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday it led me to think of what I've accomplished, my potential, and the hope that I won't be facing a mid-life crisis sometime in the next dozen years. (I'll probably get into more detail over those things tomorrow).

Anyway, below is a trailer of a 2007 documentary on Oscar Niemeyer which features his work, inspiration from his native Rio de Janeiro, and interviews with the likes of Chico Buarque. I wrote about it today on The Latin Americanist, but it's worth repeating here on my personal blog.

Genius may take on many forms; in the case of Oscar Niemeyer, it is evident in his sketches and the many buildings that carries his vision.

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