Monday, December 31, 2007

Adios 2007!

I haven’t written here in ages; that’s quite obvious by now. I hate to toss out alibis for every little misstep I take, but I’ve been really burned out. One of the main things that tired me out was blogging here and for the last few weeks I hadn’t been as attentive to publishing there as I would usually be.

Nevertheless, I’m eagerly looking forward to a renewed spirit of work and excitement in the upcoming year. 2007 wasn’t a terrible year nor was it an extraordinary one. It was ennui, plain and simple. Next year will not be the case and I will strive to make sure that it is memorable for all the right reasons.

There’s a cliché that goes “here’s hoping for the best and expecting for the worst” (or something like that). For my goals in the year ahead, the saying will be “here’s hoping for and obtaining the best.” In that there will be no doubt!

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