Sunday, May 14, 2006

Random Thoughts while Attending last Thursday’s NYU Commencement Ceremony

-Baryshnikov looks stone-faced and hungover; maybe he had a wild time at Brighton Beach last night?

-Stern has Thundersticks? What is this, a women’s soccer match?

-She looks cute but vaguely familiar. Kinda like that girl Wendy I knew from Model UN in Miami.

-I really hope my brothers are taking good pics of this.

-Jeez, it better not rain during the ceremony. I’m not in the mood to get soaking wet.

-I wish I could jump in the fountain after all this is done. Knowing my luck I would catch hypothermia if I do leap in.

-Thank goodness Justice Kennedy is speaking, not Clarence Thomas or Scalia.

-Gallatin genuinely adores their dean. I’ll still take Dean Stimpson any day of the week, however.

-Damn, I’m one lucky bastard to be “graduating” with my friends from CLACS. Damn lucky.

-I wish I could’ve done study abroad. Florence would’ve been nice for a semester.

-I hope mom’s comfortable and not worrying too much.

-Yeah, I miss dad but I’m sure he’s by my side in spirit.

-I can’t wait to take off this gown!

-I wonder if I could afford returning to grad school for a Doctoral degree.

-Well it’s over and it’s been worth it. Now what?


Jonathan C said...

1. lugash was stoned...funny
2. screw stern, gallatin seemed like the people's school
3. you numbnuts, i took good pictures:
4. mom's gonna be fussy no matter what, so get ready
5. i like your gown...mines' a cheap knock-off made out of black tissue paper...thanx shmucks

Erwin C. said...

1- Lugash was NOT stoned, but a student sitting near me was.
2- Gallatin's NOT the people's school. at least not since the Olsen twins majored there.
3- I know you took good pictures, and I appreciate you for it.
4- Mama is mama. I've learned the hard way to accept it and not get too stressed over it.
5- Your gown: "Hefty-hefty sinch sack."