Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pride buried under a hill of tissues

Monday I was feeling very surly and apathetic.

Tuesday I was hungover and desperately trying to remember if I made any mistakes Monday night.

Today I've been knocked out by allergies and I can barely think straight.

I'm just waiting to be hit by gangrene tomorrow then the aviary flu on Friday.

That will just make my week worthwhile.

(And another thing, I would like to wish my brothers (who are just about the only readers of this humble blog) a great deal of congratulations for graduating from college tomorrow. Regardless of how I fell or what I say I will always be proud of your guys).


Jonathan C said...

"Regardless of how I fell..."
you fell alright...i'd give you a 9.5

Erwin C. said...

Shit, I fell into bed pretty hard during the past week cause of these allergies. I just hope to get a good night's sleep for the first time in nearly a week