Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Crunch Time

Haven't posted in slightly over a week and I apologize for that. I've been far too occupied with a potent mix of anxiety and thesis research. I have one month to finish the thesis and make sure it is okay with my advisors and I want to make sure that the thesis is as close to perfect as possible. If I were to face the same scenario two years ago I probably wouldn't give two shits about doing the thesis, much less getting it done right. Yet nowadays I'm consumed by the same fear of failure that compelled me to bust my ass through high school and undergrad college. It has been four difficult years as an NYU grad student, and I yearn to finish it ASAP and sans regrets.

On Wednesday, I'll probably go back to reviewing the articles I got off JSTOR last month before playing dress up to attend a career fair. Hopefully I'll see a familiar face or two. I know C. will be these so that's a bit of an added incentive for me. Nothing wrong with getting a little fresh air after being stuck at home for a week, right?

Ugh, time to pick a tie; yellow, blue or red?

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