Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva: Battle of the Bulge(s)

Bye-bye delicious chocolates! (Image source)

Normally I abhor making New Year’s resolutions. They seem fickle and useless especially if one doesn’t commit to them. Furthermore, such life-altering promises should be made anytime of the year and not pushed off until early January.

Yet in my case I’ve experienced many more downs than ups, particularly over the past three months. Now is the time that I have to make some serious affirmations and improve my life along with those around me.

So what resolutions will I make starting in 2009? I’ll be writing about them over the next few days. Today's resolutions is one close to my heart (literally):

Physical – I’ve ballooned in weight since early autumn and I’m at least fifteen pounds obese. I haven’t been this fat in years and I cannot afford to continue ignoring the warning signs (e.g. heavier breathing, more labored movement).

In addition, my legs have been feeling very weak compared to, say, six to twelve months ago. I wake up several times nightly with leg cramps and I cannot sit still during the day for extended periods of time. My disability cannot improve but can only get worse. I’ve allowed it to reach that point.

Thus, my strategy is twofold. First, go on a steady diet; no more sweets or overeating and less take-out. I need to curb down on my starches and eat more veggies and fruits.

The second part is one word: exercise. Stretch more often and do some leg-strengthening work. It’s a simple resolution but one that will be a challenge to keep.

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