Friday, March 02, 2007

Tidbits: March shan’t be ‘meh’

Ugh, February was terribly uneventful for me. It was an extremely blasé month were my accomplishments were almost none but my failures were equally as tiny. A month where I was pretty in much in stasis when I only went out a handful of times to the doctor’s office. Mercifully, February is the shortest month of the year and I eagerly look towards March to change things around. For starters I’ll be off to Manhattan and the Jackie Robinson Foundation Networking Weekend starting Saturday, and later in the month I hope to go out to lunch a few times with friends, go see Reno 911! Miami with my bros, and sing my assiduous self off during the Aterciopelados concert two weeks from this Sunday. Fun, fun, fun by the ton, ton, ton!

Okay, off to the tidbits:

  • Three exceptional events I missed over the past month due to my acting like a bump on a log- Dominican food festival at the United Nations Delegates Dining Room, The Armory Show, and La Cumbiamba eNeYe’s concert.
  • So I suppose you’ve already heard of Anthony Bourdain’s article on how the Food Network has transformed itself (i.e. too much focus on Rachael Ray!). But I wonder hw he feels about the food-oriented programming on the Travel Channel (e.g. Epicurious).
  • Dammit, I really miss Pollo Tropical! Perhaps I’ll have to make due with this.
  • Why couldn’t this have happened when I was a student there! I tell you, those kids have it made. (I suppose I’ll have to take solace in the charity games we faced yearly against the Islanders).
  • C’mon Moz! Please give us some good news and tell us you’re going to tour this year!
  • Lastly, a very handy guide to remembering things (via Metafilter).

So that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to seeing many old friends and acquaintances mañana and hopefully that will bump me out of my stay-at-home funk.

And away I go!

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