Sunday, August 13, 2006

I’ve been tired: a partial week in review (part 1)

[Note: I originally typed up a long post on Microsoft Word where I described what happened on the 3 days I went out last week. Unfortunately my computer decided to act up a few moments after I finished typing the post and it was erased. Instead of typing it all up again I’ll break it up into three parts. Enjoy!]

Last Saturday I went to the museum at the Asia Society with C. to use the tickets I won on Flavorpill before the featured exhibit closed permanently. Though my stomach was killing me I decided that it would be best to go out and see C. for the first time in months while enjoying the day as best as possible.

I arrived at the Asia Society around 2 in the afternoon and decided to walk around the area since I was to meet C. at around 3. For about a half-hour I snapped a few pics:
I think this is St. Vincent Ferrer Church, but I'm not entirely sure.
Ritzy townhouse off of Fifth Avenue that caught my eye.
The Asia Society located on Park Avenue and East 70th Street.

By about 2:45 my stomach was killing me and I ran back to the museum and about to enter the elevator to go to the men’s room in the basement when C. walks into the lobby.

“Are you trying to escape me?” she jokingly asked.

“You bet. Too bad you caught me.”

We exchanged pleasantries and started talking about things like her new job and the previous week’s heat wave. I’m not entirely sure why but I decided to hold it in and act as if I was feeling well. (Bravado, perhaps?)

The featured exhibit we enjoyed was entitled “Projected Realities” which showcased visual art by young artists in Asia. Some parts were animated, like Bak Ikeda’s PiNMeN, while others relied on shooting people and objects such as Junebum Park’s metaphysical work. My personal favorite was Kazuhiro Goshima’s Fade into White #4, with its stark visual animation and arresting storyline.

By the time we finished viewing that and the other exhibits at around 4:45 we were about to leave the museum to lounge around in Central Park when I stopped her and finally excused myself to the restroom. It was well worth the wait, thankfully.

We walked our way into Central Park and sat to talk while Gustavo Cerati played “De Musica Ligera” several hundred yards away at Rumsey Playfield. I sorely needed her advice on job searching and thesis research, and she was extremely helpful in that respect. Later a friend of mine I had not seen in years joined us and we discussed his recent marriage and he even gave me some valuable pointers on The Latin Americanist blog. By 6:15 I was on the Access-A-Ride returning home and I was extremely fortunate that the driver allowed me to use the men’s room at a nearby Barnes & Noble since he was running well ahead of schedule. I was in such an uplifted mood that I took a few more snapshots on the ride back home though only one came out relatively well:

St. Bart's Church with the Waldorf=Astoria in the background.

I was glad that I did not back down from going to the Asia Society with C. I doubted that it would top my next outing to get my teeth cleaned on Tuesday, but I would be somewhat mistaken.

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