Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Friendship Reclamation Project

On Saturday I returned from a must-needed family trip to Colombia. I
won't get into too much detail know but there has been one thing
that's been on my mind since last week

On the 2nd I had what was for the most part a great dream. I dreamt
that I coincidentally met a certain someone online and we consequently
expressed our mutual desire. She insisted in sending me special
correspondence via snail mail (in retrospect I have no clue why). When
that mail arrived it wad in reality gibberish and I realized that
somebody perpetrated an ugly hoax on me. From there I awoke from my
nightmare but not before realizing that for far too long I had been
inexcusably excluding myself from my friends. I came to the conclusion
that I needed to regain their fraternity and loyalty. Hence the
genesis of what I've deemed the Friendship Reclamation Project.

The Friendship Reclamation Project is very simple: a concerted
effort to show goodwill, loyalty, and trust to my acquaintances. I
don't want to lose them and irreparably hurt my life.

The future is now and I must make the most of it ASAP.

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