Friday, November 23, 2007

De Musica Ligera: Si*Sé

Every Friday I will dedicate a post exclusively to music. It’s an idea I’ve copied off the other blog I worked on including repeating the same post title. For this blog I’m unsure if I will place a common theme to each post or just throw out a potpourri of different songs. For the time being, I’ll opt for something different and focus on one musical group.

One of the first concerts I attended after graduating in F.I.U. and returning to New York was at SOB’s in 2004. The band that played on a sultry summer night was trip-hop group Si*Sé. I felt awkward being there since I went alone and I typically tend to shy away during gatherings when I don’t recognize the other people there.

Since it was the first time I had gone there I called the club ahead of time to find out if the place was wheelchair accessible, especially the men’s room. The employee I talked to affirmed that it was completely accessible, so imagine my surprise when I find out the bathroom was too narrow. Thus, I felt more awkward sitting in a dark corner away from the bar in order to avoid drinking any cold, sweet booze. (After the concert finished I had to duck into the nearby McDonald’s Express to use their facilities. Price of usage – one cheeseburger and six McNuggets to go).

Aside from that inconvenience the gig itself was absolutely amazing; Carol C.’s voice is so smooth and it’s complemented incredibly well by the rest of the group. The music is equal parts catchy, tropical, and urban. This may seem a little hard to believe, but they sound many times better live than on their albums. Though Carol C.’s vocals are exceptional, the sum of the parts is what makes Si*Sé so alluring.

Oddly enough the first time I ever heard Si*Sé was on a flight to Miami, which is a very appropriate locale for their style of music. (With all due respect to my native NYC, that is). That song was “Cuando” and after getting goose bumps and chills listening to it I made sure to steal the music channel guide in order to download it after arriving home.

Si*Sé will be appearing at SOB’s next Friday. At this time I don’t know if I’m going to go since I’m so occupied and I’m usually spent by the end of the week. Yet one thing is for sure: those that go will definitely not be disappointed with Si*Sé.

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