Friday, October 05, 2007

The tremor

Well i still haven't finalized a format for blogging from now on. Yet it feels weird to rarely write in this blog despite the myriad of thoughts running around in my mind desperately seeking an outlet for expression.

(Try saying that five times fast).

In the meantime, below is a music video from legendary rock en EspaƱol group Soda Stereo. For the past few weeks I have been listening to a lot of their songs for numerous reasons:
  • as a reminder of my youth and how it was fleeting
  • as a distraction from my troubles (Exhibit A)
  • because I really want them to come to NYC during their reunion tour

The song is called "Cuando Pasa el Temblor" ("After the Tremor"). Despite its them of love and slight double entendres, I feel that the song teaches how one can be helped by hope even when the odds are not in one's favor. (This weekend is the perfect example; I'm attending a mass in honor of the second year of dad's death).

Without further delay here is the video (link):

Why is this the "apt song" at this time for me? Check out the rough translation of the lyrics:

I, will walk between stones
Until feeling the tremor, in my legs
Sometimes I have fear, I know
At times shame

I, am seated in a desert crater
I continue waiting the tremor in my body
Nobody saw me leave, I know
Nobody waits for me

There is a crack in my heart
A planet with disillusionment

There, I will find you in those ruins
and we won't speak of the tremor
I will kiss you on your tremor, I know
It will be a good moment

There is a crack in my heart
A planet with disillusionment

The tremor,
wake me up when we pass the tremor

Monday, October 01, 2007


I hope to post on a regular basis very soon.

I've been delayed because I want to change the format of this blog. It hasn't been interesting for months now and lately I've resorted far too often to posting YouTube videos.

Thus, until I figure out what to do and how to do it I won't blog here. I don't know when I'll return but hopefully it can be soon.

Until then, take care and g'night!