Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lo que aprendi

¨Christmastime is here..."

There have been many lessons big and small that I have learned in the week I´ve been in Bogota, Colombia such as...

...there is no such thing as a bad homecooked meal

...flying first class is not as great as it seems

...9 out of every 10 people are nice, and not just at people that look like tourists

...laughing at those that consider cloudy, 50 degree days in Bogota as ¨bitterly cold"

...Citytv is by far one of the best television stations I´ve ever seen

...tipping is not optional in taxis but drivers will still gladly take one

...the socioeconomic divide between the rich north and impoverished south has narrowed only slightly

...Bogota taxi drivers make the ones in NYC look like driving instructors

...flirting is not a privilege but a neccessity due to the seeming abundance of single people´s far better to eat at an ugly restaurant that serves
massive portions of food instead of a joint filled with snobs

...more and more people are doubting the Uribe administration (naturally that happens
after he´s reelected) of
Millonarios suffer the team´s mediocrity far more than RBNY (but not by much!)

...I like to look at suits but I ode wearing them

...the copious imbibing of
aguardiente is obligatory at any party

...I´m still a little homesick inasmuch as I´m having a grand time

...I will never like reggaeton, especially as a ring tone

...90-minute mid-afternoon newscasts are good to fight boredom while it´s raining outside

...I can somehow live sans blogging and the Internet for one week

...most importantly, I learned how to appreciate and love my family here. They have been gracious hosts but also unbelivably kind, friendly, and willing to do anything for you. It has been an incredible week so far in Colombia- from my cousin´s quincianera to going out to the Parque de la 93 (see above image) to blowing out the candle to my suprise birthday cake last night.

Tomorrow at dawn I leave for one month to the
La Palma- town where my parents were born and raised. I´m anticipating a prime opportunity to get some rest surrounded by more family members than here in Bogota. It should be nice and I´m optimistic that it will be well worth it.

Since I´ll be without Internet for a month, I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tidbits: leavin’ on a jet plane

Bogota at night (December 2005)

Approximately 13 hours from now I will be on a plane leaving New York City and bound for Miami wherein I’ll quickly transfer to another plane bound for Bogota, Colombia. I have mixed feelings about the trip since I will be gone for several weeks and immersed into a culture quite different from what I am accustomed to. Nonetheless, I will be happy to see my family, get some well-needed rest, visit my father’s grave to pay my respects and emerge refreshed and rejuvenated upon returning to NYC in January.

With that said I present to you a musical edition of tidbits that I’ve culled over the past few months. Some of it’s old news, but they caught my eye and hopefully you can understand why. Here we go:

I have no clue as to when will be my next blog entry since I will spend the better part of my time without Internet access, cell phone coverage, and even cable TV. At least it’ll give me more than ample time to read.

Take care, everyone. Happy holidays, festive New Year, and all the best!